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Like humans, cars, and anything that is prone to wear and tear, it will at some stage require a service. Well XXL Driveways are pleased to annouce that we are the first driveway company to launch the new service package.

We offer three packages that are specially designed to cater for your needs.

Package 1 : For block paving driveways and patios up to and including, but not exceeding 80m2

Price : £ 299

Package 2 : For block paving driveways and patios from 81m2 - 180m2 (inclusive)

Price : £ 399

Package 3 : For block paving driveways and patios from 181m2 - 300m2 (inclusive)

Price : £ 499

If your driveway area is not listed above, please do not hesitate to contact us

You may order your driveway servicing package online by clicking the 'order now' button (paypal, accepts most leading credit cards) or if you prefer to pay by cash or cheque then please contact us



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